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Art & Economics Group comeback hosted by
Gitte Bohr - Club für Kunst und politisches Denken

Quarterly Forum 2012, Q2

Presented by
Tanja Ostojic / David Rych / Dmytri Kleiner
On behalf of the A r t & E c o n o m i c s G r o u p

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 19:00h
in West Germany, Skalitzer Straße 133, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Art and Economy Group

Conference, sale of the Art Bonds by Diego Castro

- One day exhibition of Art-bonds 2007-2011
- Quarterly report
- Theoretical lecture by Diego Castro
- Auction of the special edition of art-bonds designed by Diego Castro
- Discussion

After a break due to the economical recession, the come-back of the Quarterly Workshop of the Art and Economics Group will be held on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 19:00h at West Germany in Berlin-Kreuzberg. This will be the first in a series of quarterly discussions held this year.

The Art and Economics Group, established in Berlin in 2007 by Tanja Ostojic, David Rych and Dmytri Kleiner, investigates the intersection of art and political economy. For the first two years Art and Economics Group Quarterly Forums were regularly hosted by Project Room 35 and Wooloo Productions Berlin. After a break due to the economic recession and the closure of those two art spaces, Quarterly Forums have since 2010 been hosted by the Museum of American Art Berlin and at other different venues.

Art and Economics Group

Exhibition of the Art Bonds, Conference

The program of the Quarterly Forums (QF) includes: quarterly report, guest of the evening, auction of special edition of art bonds designed by the guest of the evening, and discussion. Topics include political economy as a theme in art, the economics of art production and economic activity as an action based art practice.

Among the guests we had before are: Diego de La Vega, Alex Nikolic from Slum TV, former artist Goran Djordjevic, Stefan Kurr,, etc.

Our guest of the evening Diego Castro (*1972 in Hanover) is a German-Spanish artist and researcher. His artworks, mostly drawings, video and installation, deal with political, historical and social issues. He is currently working on his PhD thesis on a critique of participation in art and as a leitmotif within the framework of post-fordist work ethics. In his theoretical lecture of the evening he will address the problem of the economic value of participation and of participation as labour.

Looking forward to discussing with you!

Yours sincerely,
Art and Economics Group