Oberfläche und Oberflächlichkeit: Kenneth Balfelt

Oberfläche und Oberflächlichkeit

Oberfläche und Oberflächlichkeit, Teil III:
Kenneth Balfelt (DK)

Mittwoch, 4. Oktober 2012, 19h
Gitte Bohr - Club für Kunst und politisches Denken im:

West Germany
Skalitzer Str. 133, Berlin-Kreuzberg
U-Bahn "Kottbusser Tor" (U1, U8)
Eingang neben "Effendi Optik", 2. Stock

Kenneth Balfelts Projekt Enghave Minipark

The Danish artist Kenneth Balfelt (born 1966) will be guest at the third instalment of Surface and Superficiality at Gitte Bohr. Club für Kunst und politisches Denken.

Surface and Superficiality has so far concentrated on a critique of contemporary relations between the surface in design, art, etc., and superficiality in the contemporary context. We have been investigating the slippery, glossy and prepared surfaces, designed to reject the user’s attempt to put his mark on the world around him/her. Kenneth Balfelt has a different approach. With his projects he attempts to re-establish a place for the community in public urban space. His collaborations work to give different (often marginal) social groups the opportunity to inscribe themselves on the public space, in a form of resistance against its increasing standardisation and closing (symbolic as well as physical) from individual use and appropriation.

Kenneth Balfelt zu Gast bei Gitte Bohr

Kenneth Balfelt zu Gast bei Gitte Bohr

Balfelt describes his field as "Socio-Political Context Related Functional Art." He uses design and architecture in a socially engaged art, in which he tries to intervene in social space. His projects are most often realised in collaboration with communities or with other artists, sociologists, etc. An important work place for Balfelt is urban space, with its openings, its closures, and the possibilities for influencing its usage. He has realised several projects relating to public urban space, especially in Copenhagen. Enghave Minipark was the development of a place for the beer drinkers on Enghave square in Copenhagen, designed by the users themselves. Another project is Fixerummet (the injection room), which started in 2002 as a temporary presentation of a possible injection room design, and finished ten years later with the establishment of one in Copenhagen.

On October 4, Kenneth Balfelt will present his projects and show documentation from some of them at our rooms in West Germany in Berlin-Kreuzberg.