Ciao Renate!

Ciao Renate!

An evening with drinks and dance in memory of

Renate Anger
(1943 Danzig – 2008 Berlin)

Saturday, April 16, 2011, 19.00

Ciao Renate!


Looks as though it's painted. What remains is the memory
Galerie Gitte Bohr invites you to Umtrunk (drinks) and dancing in memory of the late Berlin artist and professor Renate Anger.
A box with old records and catalogues from the heritage of Renate Anger triggered the idea to celebrate an evening in memory of Renate.
Since part of the record collection is from Peru, Argentina or Brazil, somehow documenting her travels to South America at the end of the 60s, we decided to focus on this music for the evening. We found a corresponding photo of Renate as a nurse for the German Development Service in Peru from 1967-1969: "At the vaccination against Polio" is written under it in her own hand.
Photo and music highlight a moment of Renate's biography that is situated immediately before her artistic career, a time of anticipation and departure.
Hence we would like to dedicate the evening first of all to Renate’s social skills, which are one of her main legacies. Because we all owe some lasting friendships among us to Renate. Come along!
Ulrike Ettinger, Eva May and Diego Castro

Renate Anger

Renate Anger as nurse for the German
Development Service 1967-1969 in Peru


Catalogues of the artist will be on display in the exhibition space.
A selection of works as well as the biography of Renate Anger can be accessed through Galerie Gitte Weise:

At the turntables: Diego Castro and anyone, who would like to dedicate a piece of music to Renate.
Room decoration: Diego Castro and Ulrike Ettinger

"Umtrunk" was Renate's designation for the many parties she arranged for friends and acquaintances.
Looks as though it's painted. What remains is the memory – we imagine that Renate would have liked these statements.
Also relating to Renate's preferences: Schmalzbrot and Bocksbeutel wine.