Tötet die "Geistig-Politische Wende", wo Ihr sie trefft!

Tötet die "Geistig-Politische Wende", wo Ihr sie trefft!

The exhibition about the Bundestags-election presented by Gitte Bohr in collaboration with WestGermany.

Opening September 18, 19.00
Finissage September 22, 19.00 with non-parliamentary election-party, performance, schnapps-election, live-broadcast of the counting of the votes

Opening hours: September 19 - 21, 17.00 - 20.00

Artists in the exhibition: Juan Perez Agirregoikoa (E), Diego Castro (D), Martin Conrath & Marion Krei├čler (D), Frederik Foert (D), Thomas Galler (CH), Erik Göngrich (D), Uwe Jonas (D), Sara Lehn & Greg McLaren (D/UK), Maya Roos (CH), Nicolas Savary & Tilo Steireif (CH), und andere...

Installtionsansicht / Uwe Jonas

When Helmut Kohl ran for the chancellory in 1980, he proclaimed a "mental and ethical change", meaning a spiritual preparation for the dismantling of the welfare state. In 2010 Guido Westerwelle asked for a "mental and political change", meaning shift towards a more technocratic and minarchic state.

Diego Castro / Installtionsansicht

Following the exhibition "Tötet die geistig-moralische Wende" held at WestGermany during the past elections in Germany, Gitte Bohr and WestGermany are planning a new exhibition project, examining the current political culture, on the verge of the German elections in September. The national elections in Germany are thus not only important for us Germans, but against the background of the European financial crisis and austerity politics, the results of the German votes will have a strong effect on the entire European community.

Savary & Steireif / Göngrich / Lehn & McLaren / Agirregoikoa

The exhibition deals with images of a changing democratic culture. From the rigour of cold-war Germany, over populism to liquid democracy, the imagery intertwined with political policies is constantly changing, and yet represents nothing but the return of the same old power structures in new shapes.

Maya Roos: Kuchen zum fluchen

In response to the elections 2013, Gitte Bohr and West Germany are presenting works about the current visual culture of democracy with a critical view on the representations of opinion making, rituals of campaigning and media coverage, orchestrated with rallies, opinion survey, speeches and stagings, propaganda and votes forecasts.