Surface and Superficiality

Surface and Superficiality

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Publication Oberfläche und Oberflächlichkeit

Publication Oberfläche und

The publication was released in October 2015 and presents textual and visual contributions in English or German by: Kenneth A. Balfelt (DK), Diego Castro (DE), Fred Dewey (US), Ingo Gerken (DE), Eva May (DK), Erich Pick (DE), Ivana Sidzimovska (MK), Megan Steinman (US).

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Event, March 8, 2012, 20H:
Surface and Superficiality, part I. The Revenge of Luigi Colani - an event in sound and vision

Event, June 20, 2012, 20H:
Surface and Superficiality, Part II. Form follows function: Die graffitilose Gesellschaft

Event, October 4, 2012, 19.00:
Surface and Superficiality, Part III: Kenneth Balfelt (DK)

Event, December 16, 2014, 19.00:
Surface and Superficiality, Part IV: Ivana Sidzimovska (MK)

The project aims to investigate the relationship between surfaces and superficiality in our contemporary society. It focuses on the surfaces that we interact with in every day life: The design of public space, of user interfaces, the human body, of basic commodities or artworks, of culture and nature. It asks what happens when our relation to the surface turns into superficiality, that is when we stay at the surface instead of going beyond it. Superficiality seems to increasingly be the keyword for many developments in our late capitalist society. Lack of sustainability, planned obsolescence of industrial products, disappearance of artisanal skills and accelerated consumption are conditions, which today lead to not only ecological problems. The work ethics and modes of production of late capitalism have a wide-ranging influence on our social life. Following an idea of Richard Sennett, we want to investigate the gradual alienation, which affects both the relations between people and between people and things.