Surface and Superficiality I: The Revenge of Luigi Colani

Surface and Superficiality

Thursday, March 8, 20 H

In our new rooms:
c/o West Germany
Skalitzer Str. 133

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What does Gore-Tex have to do with the impermeability of social structures in the era of flexibility? Superficiality seems to increasingly be the keyword for many developments in our late capitalist society. Lack of sustainability, planned obsolescence of industrial products, disappearance of artisanal skills and accelerated consumption are conditions, which today lead to not only ecological problems. The work ethics and modes of production of late capitalism have a wide-ranging influence on our social life. Following an idea of Richard Sennett, we want to investigate the gradual alienation, which affects both the relations between people and between people and things.

The Revenge of Luigi Colani

The Revenge of Luigi Colani

How does the concept of superficiality relate to innovations within surface design? How do these affect the relationship between user and surface with the many new surfaces designed specifically to reject the user, such as steel and glass architecture, touch screens or seats at MacDonald's? How does the concept of friendship change with Facebook? How do the acceleration and flexibilisation of production, consumption and the sphere of work influence our social relations and family life? How does the industry’s increasing use of just-in-time production influence demands on artists' production and career? What happens when superficiality becomes a weapon against the people, erasing the people's traction and depth of experience, and so their power.

Gitte Bohr will start out in its new rooms in West Germany in Kreuzberg by addressing these and many other questions in a series of talks, discussions, performances, video screenings, art presentations, with critics, designers, artists and activists, etc.

The first event will take place on March 8 from 20H. In collaboration with Fred Dewey (USA, writer, activist) and Megan Steinman (USA, curator, writer), Gitte Bohr will deconstruct, detourn and discuss the film Marie-Antoinette (2006) by Sophia Coppola. The question is in what ways is this film about a French queen who was beheaded 223 years ago a perfect illustration of contemporary superficiality? And what is it trying to tell us about the society that Sophia Coppola lives in? And: How deep are we into superficiality?

Diego Castro, Fred Dewey, Eva May