Surface and Superficiality: Research

Surface and Superficiality


Die zweidimesionale Stadt (PDF)
von Diego Castro, September 2012

Notes on the 7th Berlin Biannual (PDF)
by Eva May, July 2012

Below you will find material from the first event The Revenge of Luigi Colani:

Oberfläche und Oberflächlichkeit: Was hat Gore-Tex mit der Impermeabilität sozialer Strukturen in Zeiten sozialer Flexibilität zu tun? (PDF)
Von Diego Castro

What does Gore-Tex have to do with the impermeability of social structures in the era of social flexibility? (PDF)
By Diego Castro

Scratching at the Surface: Physical Thoughts on Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" (PDF)
By Megan Steinman

On Superficialization – Part 1 (PDF)
By Fred Dewey