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One of Gitte Bohr´s goals is to edit publications relating to her projects. So far, two have been realised:

º À propos Das Stellengesuch, erste Ausgabe, 1914/2015
º Oberfläche und Oberflächlichkeit

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À propos Das Stellengesuch, erste Ausgabe, 1914/2015

À propos Das Stellengesuch, erste Ausgabe, 1914/2015 by Laura von Niederhäusern and Eva May, published by Les Éditions d´Uqbar, Geneva, and Gitte Bohr.

The artist edition consists of an essay Wie träumend arbeiten about Robert Walser and work, pleasure and subjectivation between heteronomy and self-determination by Eva May (in German and French), as well as a poster by Laura von Niederhäusern after the text Das Stellengesuch by Walser from 1914.

Robert Walser wrote The Application Letter in 1914. One hundred and one years later, the first edition of À propos takes this unusual application letter up again. With stylistic devices such as irony, with paradoxical uses of adjectives or with figures such as the good-for-nothing, Walser brings the inner contradictions of the concept of employment out into the open. His is a strategy of synchrony, of interlocking of dichotomies: self-determination inside heteronomous structures; sincerety at the core of irony; an anachronistic form as critique of the contemporary tendency towards economisation of life.

Layout: Laura von Niederhäusern
Printed on the Heidelberger in Noir sur Noir, Geneva
Price: 15 Euro for the edition with poster
9 Euro for the Poster alone
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Poster from the artist edition "À propos". designed by Laura von Niederhäusern

Poster from the artist edition
"À propos". designed by
Laura von Niederhäusern

"À propos"

"À propos"

The video shows the printing of the poster

Oberfläche und Oberflächlichkeit

The publication was released in October 2015 and presents textual and visual contributions in English or German by: Kenneth A. Balfelt (DK), Diego Castro (DE), Fred Dewey (US), Ingo Gerken (DE), Eva May (DK), Erich Pick (DE), Ivana Sidzimovska (MK), Megan Steinman (US).

The publication Oberfläche und Oberflächlichkeit is the material result of a series of talks and discussions held at Gitte Bohr – Club für Kunst und politisches Denken during the last three years. It contains contributions by all the participants in those events and a couple more. The aim of the project is to analyse the relationship between surfaces and superficiality in our contemporary society. To the events upon which this publication is based, Gitte Bohr invited many dear guests; artists, curators, theorists, activists. We, and the always changing, illustrious audience, listened to them excidedly and discussed with them cheerfully and heatedly.

In focus of the publication Oberfläche und Oberflächlichkeit are the surfaces with which we interact in our everyday lives. For example in the various designs of the public space. User interfaces, optimizing interventions in the appearance of the human body, the design of everyday objects, of artworks, of culture and nature. But smoothness and the paradoxical unison of impermeability and transparency as leitmotifs of the design of surfaces find their uncanny counterpart in the forms of social interaction in contemporary society. The neoliberal project has produced profound interventions in the social structure. The blurring of the boundaries between work and privacy is one of these surface treatments, with the help of which a new work ethic should be able to reflect itself on every surface. The dispositives of individualized self-regulation are the bearers of the ideology on which they are based: the design determines the content.

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No. of pages: 52
Price: 5 Euro (plus postage, if applicable)

Publikation Oberfläche und Oberflächlichkeit

Publication Oberfläche und

Tilo Steireif, Aquarell aus der Serie "Der Räuber"

Publication Oberfläche und Oberflächlichkeit